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Hello Students, if you have ideas or opinions on any science topics that you want to share with us and the whole world, please go ahead and post it on this blog. Also, if you want to comment or discuss a topic, please feel free to post them. You can also post reports you have already written as assignments to be published on this blog. I hope you enjoy this kind of writing experience and find it beneficial. If you need help with choosing a science topic to write about, please go to 161 CALL Program, and choose any of the Science topics, included in the 8-week program, and then start writing.I wish you all the best of luck and have a happy bloging!
Your English Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman
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This blog is for the use of my students registered in English for Science course # 161. The purpose of this blog is to have my students publish their opinions and comments, on any science topic they like. They can also comment on each other opinions, share and discuss ideas, and could also post their answers on Bonus Questions handed out to them during the course. Interested students, could moderate this blog on my behalf if they want. So please let's blog and enjoy this new experience for all o